Welcome to PACE Residential School

A unique Institution of its own, offering quality education , with state of the art infrastructural facilities on par with internationally accepted standards. A holistic approach is adopted in identifying the latent talents of every child, providing ample opportunities to achieve enviable heights in their respective fields, to prove their own caliber and competence. To facilitate their grooming as any parent would wish their daughters to be moulded is our goal. The moral, spiritual and emotional development of the child is taken care of along with intellectual, academic and physical developments.

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Classes 1 to IX

Class XI

The Future of the WORLD
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Residential Program

PACE residential school is the most sought after destination for out station students to learn as well as to live a comfortable, safe and a healthy surrounding. The school provides a home like environment, food and comfort for outstation students with Air conditioned dormitory, High tech Kitchen that serves nutritious and delicious homely food and laundry services.

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Kindergarten Caring for your little ones always.

We believe that children are our most precious treasure. Every child here is given utmost love, care, attention and encouragement to bring out the very best in them. Preschool learning is made more fun, enjoyable 6 easy with our innovative teaching methodologies. We ensure that our children learn happily and are nurtured in a safe and secure environment.

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Moral Studies

Regular Classes & Vacation Programmes

Regular Islamic classes are conducted for the residential students with special emphasis on the below topics. (Vacation programmes are a so offered on Islamic studies)

  • Quran recitation, study and memorization
  • Study of Hadith and Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh).
  • History of Prophet Muhammed (P.B.U.H) and four Caliphs and general Islamic history.
  • Supplications and life style of Prophet Muhammed (P.B.U.H)
  • All prayers in congregation.
  • Islamic talks by eminent scholars on various topics relevant to youth and students.